臨時應變如何中翻英?Learn how to translate 臨時應變 to English. 中英物語知道

臨時應變如何中翻英?Learn how to translate 臨時應變 to English. 中英物語知道

臨時應變 的英文怎麼說
1. A: Some crook called me today and asked me to use my ATM card at the bank. I almost fell for it.
  B: You gotta be street smart in today's world. You can never be too careful.
2. A: My new company is so strange. I am not used to it. I am quitting.
  B: You need to adapt to the new environment and roll with it.
  A: I see. Thanks for the advice.
3. A: During the race I ripped my pants.
  B: Roll with it. It’s not a big deal.
4. A: A policeman is at the door. What are we going to do?
  B: Don't worry. Let's just open the door and play it by ear.
5. A TV show host must be resourceful and able to handle the unexpected.
6. A project manager must have excellent ability to handle unexpected situations. In other words they must have superior problem-solving skills.
7. My temp jobs at the exhibition center have helped improve my problem-solving skills.
8. Steve Jobs was an extremely resourceful businessman who built a multi-billion dollar company and transformed the entire music industry.
9. After I joined the workforce, I realized that what I had learned in school was all theoretical. The key to success is to be 100% flexible.
適應力 神通廣大 臨場發揮 小聰明 城府深 識相 處事圓融 先見之明
隨機應變 處變不驚 機靈
[1] street smart
[2] adapt to the environment
[3] roll with it
[4] play it by ear
[5] have problem-solving skills
[6] resourceful
[7] able to handle the unexpected
[8] able to handle unexpected situations
[9] flexible
street smart 指一個人隨機應變,而不是只用書本的知識,這是非常貼切的英文翻譯。
roll with it 指別放棄,隨機應變,忍到事情結束。play it by ear 指臨場發揮,problem-solving skills 指處理問題的能力,常常可用來表示臨時應變,resourceful 形容一個人不管在什麼樣的情況下都能夠隨機應變。able to handle the unexpected 是白話的說法,指能夠處理突如其來的狀況,如果你想很明白的表達隨機應變,就可以用這些片語。flexible 形容一個人很有彈性,不會被硬梆梆的規則或原則綁住。
improve my problem-solving skills = 讓我的臨時應變的能力更進步
1. 節目主持人必須隨機應變.
2. 隨機應變的能力
3. 厲害的生意人
4. 等我入了社會才知道學校學的東西都是紙上談兵, 隨機應變才是不二法門.

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